Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wallace and Gromit Were-Rabbit Birthday Cake

I have been terrible at updating my blog recently, but I needed to share this.

My lovely Monkey turned 5 recently, and he requested a Curse of the Were-rabbit cake, as he LOVES Wallace and Gromit. Now the only problem with 4/5 year olds, is that they believe that whatever they ask for can be magically created (and I always try my best to magically create!).

So here is the cake.

Gromit and Wallaces' head are both modelling chocolate (which I made, and I'll post the details and photos later) and the rest is fondant. The cake (at Monkeys' request) was Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam and chocolate buttercream.
I want to add more photos to this post when I get round to it!