Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fathers Day card 2

Ok, so here's my second fathers day card, which is for my dad. This is a really simple card to make, and it was an idea I had as soon as I picked up the cute luggage labels from The Works (incredibly 80 for 99p!).
I used a wonderful stamp alphabet from Bananafrog called Budmo Jiggler! I used cracked sapphire distress ink onto the labels to spell dad, (They took ages to dry and I still smudged one.grrrrr!) and then used some forest moss distress ink to gently sponge the edges.
I used some complimentary papers (can't remember where from) and some ribbon to tie the whole thing together, and there you have it!

Fathers day card

Here is my fathers day card (not for my dad, but for my husband from our little one!). I love this card, mostly because its so personal, and so unique!

I am in the enviable position of having a friend who is a fantastic drawer (artist actually!) and she came over for a play with some promarkers, and I asked could she draw me a bath with a duck in it. Sure enough she just drew this...
I was so pleased, and it was perfect for what I wanted.
However, when my friend went home I realised what would have been better would have been two ducks in the bath, a little one, and a big one. I'm sure she doesn't mind that I went ahead and used my lightbox (holding up the paper to the window!!!) and traced the bath again, and added an extra little ducky!
I then used my wonderful promarkers to colour in the image.
I had already decided to use some little cardboards letters to spell out daddy, and to finish it off I added a little sentiment. My little one has recently decided he doesn't like the bath, or more specifically sitting in the bath - he'll stand and play in there no problem!- but if daddy gets in with him he'll sit, splash, and have a whale of a time, hence the bath themed card!
So the sentiment I went for was 'my bath buddy'. I used some Letraset transfer letters to spell out the sentiment - you could easily have printed the sentiment, and then used some lovely aqua paper to layer onto. All in all a simple card to make, but I couldn't have done it without the talent of my friend Hannah!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Waltzingmouse Blogwaltz - 4th of July theme

Welcome to the June Waltzingmouse Blog waltz! I'm ashamed that it has been a month since my last post, but I have been very busy down scaling my craft room to a single cupboard (more details of that to come in a future post), and I haven't had the time or space to craft. It was with great joy that I got out all my stuff to make this card for the waltz. I was in desperate need of a card for a friend who has gone above and beyond and needed a little thank you for being such a star, and here is the result! I was a little reluctant about what kind of card I could make with a 4th of July theme -what with being British and all! - but I LOVE stars, and so I got cracking.
I started with my ultimate pro, and using the embossing board I embossed a large star onto white card. I wanted to create a mask, and so cute out from white copy paper a smaller star using a craft knife. I used my walzting mouse teeny trees set, and the stamp I used was what I think of as the starry tree, which is the bottom right of the photo above. I stamped this through the mask onto my embossed star using this starry tree in cracked sapphire distress ink.
Here's the star when the mask was removed!
I then sponged the edges with more distress inks and set aside.

A while back I got a bargain in Ikea after Christmas with these packs of ribbon. 29p for a pack of 20.
I think they're meant to be for hanging christmas decorations on your tree, but I just cut them up to make bows. In this case I just cut strips of white to go across the red card.
I also bought some blue napkins from Ikea that are covered in stars, and this is the first time I've used them! I glued the single layer of the napkin onto a piece of scrap card and left to dry. I then embossed a piece of red card with a fantastic Crafts Too star embossing folder.

To finish it off I had some cute luggage labels (80 for 99p at the works!bargain!) which I stamped with the tiny star from the teeny trees set, and the word 'Star' is from a set of Banana frog stamps.

And this is it all together! Sorry my photos are a little dark, but hopefully you can see the main bits!
If you've never tried masking then you should definately give it a try, as it can transform the stamps you have!
Enjoy the waltz!