Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fall Leaf Wedding Cake

When one of my best friends asked me if I'd be able to help her with her wedding, I automatically thought she wanted me to make her wedding stationary. However, she had something else in mind - Cakes!
Having never made anything more than a birthday cake I was a little apprehensive, but am always up for a challenge. Part of the challenge also lay in making 2 wedding cakes (a brides and a grooms cake) and 120 cupcakes...oh and they only had to be taken 200 miles to the wedding!

Here is the wedding cake she requested.

I cut all the leaves using some cutters I found at Windsors Cake Craft in Warrington, and I then used my wonderful PTI Leaf stamps to imprint them. (I placed cling film on the stamp to make it food safe!)
I then painted them with food colouring to be the fall colours

Here they are drying on my dining table!

And here is the complete display of all the cakes and cupcakes I made for the wedding, including the Lego wedding cake you can see further down here on my blog.

Finally, here is the happy couple cutting the cake!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Face Painting Party Day

Today has been crazy busy. This morning was our kids church Christmas party, and this afternoon was my nieces birthday party. Since I bought some face paints at Easter I've been looking for opportunities to practice with them, and today two came at once. This morning I did some painting for the Preschoolers at our church party, and this afternoon I painted for a reception class! At the party this afternoon I thought I was going to have a quiet time, as it took at least 10 minutes for anyone to come over and ask for it to be done, but from that point on I didn't stop for 2 hours!
12 Hello Kittys, 10 butterflies, 5 foxes, 3 batmen, 2 supermen, 1 spiderman, 1 superhero and 1 princess later I was able to enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea!
Here's my little fox

And the beautiful birthday princess
and another action shot.

I hope you like my lovely Christmas jumper my honey bought me this week from Primark!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Irish Red Setter Silhouette Card

My father in law recently got a little puppy. I say little puppy, he won't stay little for long as he's an Irish Red Setter, and they grow to be pretty big!
We wanted to go down and visit them whilst the puppy, Finn, was still small to let our boys get used to him, and he them. You'll see some pictures further down.

For my father in laws birthday I thought I would tie in the new member of the family and used my silhouette to cut a cute red setter. I also used my silhouette to cut out a matching sentiment.

I looked through my 6x6 papers and found 4 that had similar orange/red tones which would work with a red setter. Some of the papers are Basic Grey, but unfortunately all my papers are loose and mixed up, so I couldn't tell you which!
Amazingly this is another card without a single bit of stamping!

Here's Finn with my lovely hubby, and then here is my Monkey being licked by Finn! Monkey is a little scared of him still, and this was really funny watching him try and avoid being licked!!
When we visit again at Christmas I'm sure he'll have grown loads!