Saturday, 7 December 2013

Face Painting Party Day

Today has been crazy busy. This morning was our kids church Christmas party, and this afternoon was my nieces birthday party. Since I bought some face paints at Easter I've been looking for opportunities to practice with them, and today two came at once. This morning I did some painting for the Preschoolers at our church party, and this afternoon I painted for a reception class! At the party this afternoon I thought I was going to have a quiet time, as it took at least 10 minutes for anyone to come over and ask for it to be done, but from that point on I didn't stop for 2 hours!
12 Hello Kittys, 10 butterflies, 5 foxes, 3 batmen, 2 supermen, 1 spiderman, 1 superhero and 1 princess later I was able to enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea!
Here's my little fox

And the beautiful birthday princess
and another action shot.

I hope you like my lovely Christmas jumper my honey bought me this week from Primark!

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  1. I was admiring your jumper as i scrolled down. I loved face painting when mine were small...something very calming about it...or maybe its just that the little ones sit still for a while x x