Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fall Leaf Wedding Cake

When one of my best friends asked me if I'd be able to help her with her wedding, I automatically thought she wanted me to make her wedding stationary. However, she had something else in mind - Cakes!
Having never made anything more than a birthday cake I was a little apprehensive, but am always up for a challenge. Part of the challenge also lay in making 2 wedding cakes (a brides and a grooms cake) and 120 cupcakes...oh and they only had to be taken 200 miles to the wedding!

Here is the wedding cake she requested.

I cut all the leaves using some cutters I found at Windsors Cake Craft in Warrington, and I then used my wonderful PTI Leaf stamps to imprint them. (I placed cling film on the stamp to make it food safe!)
I then painted them with food colouring to be the fall colours

Here they are drying on my dining table!

And here is the complete display of all the cakes and cupcakes I made for the wedding, including the Lego wedding cake you can see further down here on my blog.

Finally, here is the happy couple cutting the cake!


  1. You got them all there safely then :) they look wonderful and how lovely to have a selection of wedding cakes xx

  2. Wowser, absolutely fabulous! x

  3. I can confirm that the cupcakes were delicious (missed the rest, had to leave early)