Sunday, 5 January 2014

Favourite crafts of 2013

I apologise that my blogging towards the end of 2013 was so sporadic, but I was super busy with work and church, so although I did craft, I just didn't get round to blogging. Infact, some of my favourite cards I haven't even posted yet!
As you will see, if you compare my top picks from this year with last years, paper cutting on my silhouette features hugely this year. I still LOVE stamping, but like to combine it with paper cutting too. I've still been making lots of cakes, but again, haven't had to chance to post them all yet.
I got various craft gifts for Christmas, and can't wait to get some extras I ordered post Christmas with my birthday/Christmas money. Baking featured heavily in my presents, and I'm excited with what I might create this year! I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but I am hoping to make more time to blog and create this year. I need to be super organised with my time, but hopefully will do it!

So here are my top picks from 2013!

My design for a valentines card for my friend Stacey...who you will see later got engaged and then married!

I loved making this card from wallpaper, and that amazing mannequin cut on my silhouette. 

I love this wallpaper card too, and that ruffle ribbon rose!

One of my favourites of the year has to be this. A play on Jurassic park for my Sister in Law.

A lovely Waltzingmouse wedding card, again vintage!

An engagement card for my lovely friend Stacey.

I enjoyed creating this design for some friends who got married in March.

Another favourite, I loved the mini playing cards (salvaged from a cracker!) and the lovely little white rabbit charm.

Elijahs birthday banner, well its rainbow coloured, so of course I love it!

This is my first layered paper cut, I love it, and had to design most of the bits from scratch.

Loved piping this Disney font for EJs birthday cake.

I loved making these mini lego figures for my first ever wedding cake for my lovely friend Stacey!

 And my favourite card of the year??

Ta Da!

I loved making this card so much. It combines almost all of my card crafting techniques (Stamping, embossing, cuttlebug, silhouette, layering, sponging, wire twisting, you name it, its on this card!).
I'm so glad it was a card for Joey, and plan on framing it!

I hope you like my top picks from 2013, just click on a photo to go back to the original post.

Happy New Year!


  1. I can certainly see why these are your favorites...they are all pretty amazing. Happy New Year!

  2. what a great line up! i really love your layered paper cut scenes.. and that Jurassic park card is so great!
    -Rachel w k

  3. These are all fabulous - wow - but the last one will be my fav too - We are just planning Ted's 5th birthday party a pirate party!!! Have a wonderful week-end, hugs, Karin

  4. These are all such wonderful cards. I especially love the framed picture x

  5. You go, girl! You are way, way crafty! I enjoyed seeing all these pics. My own personal fave is the subtle, neutral toned hyacinth card. I marveled at the papercut scene (holy smokes!), the Lego cake, and every other creation.