Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fathers day card

Here is my fathers day card (not for my dad, but for my husband from our little one!). I love this card, mostly because its so personal, and so unique!

I am in the enviable position of having a friend who is a fantastic drawer (artist actually!) and she came over for a play with some promarkers, and I asked could she draw me a bath with a duck in it. Sure enough she just drew this...
I was so pleased, and it was perfect for what I wanted.
However, when my friend went home I realised what would have been better would have been two ducks in the bath, a little one, and a big one. I'm sure she doesn't mind that I went ahead and used my lightbox (holding up the paper to the window!!!) and traced the bath again, and added an extra little ducky!
I then used my wonderful promarkers to colour in the image.
I had already decided to use some little cardboards letters to spell out daddy, and to finish it off I added a little sentiment. My little one has recently decided he doesn't like the bath, or more specifically sitting in the bath - he'll stand and play in there no problem!- but if daddy gets in with him he'll sit, splash, and have a whale of a time, hence the bath themed card!
So the sentiment I went for was 'my bath buddy'. I used some Letraset transfer letters to spell out the sentiment - you could easily have printed the sentiment, and then used some lovely aqua paper to layer onto. All in all a simple card to make, but I couldn't have done it without the talent of my friend Hannah!

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