Friday, 18 March 2011

Comic Relief Cakes!

Well as today is Comic Relief day (or red nose day!) I have baked!- for those outside the UK Comic Relief is a charity day to raise money for a whole range of worldwide causes but the main focus of fundraising is comedy, or doing something funny. As a teacher we are always at the centre of fundraising efforts, and mine tend to be based on baking. We have another event in a few weeks, our main school fundraiser, so my baking for today was quite limited. I decided to make simple cupcakes with their own red noses (cherries!) but couldn't decide on what icing to do, so did two.
I am trialing a meringue icing, which although I've never made in this way before is the one I like best.
I also made a classic buttercream icing, which my husband liked best.
In the picture the meringue icing is white and the buttercream pink (I just needed a way of identifying them!).
I just blobbed a bit on top and used a fork to give the lines (I didn't want to dirty my piping bag for just a few!!!) The merigue is a lovely shiney, glossy finish and spread really well. The buttercream wasn't quite so easy to spread and would need piping properly!

I'm going to gauge peoples reponse to the different icings to decide on which to use for the next fundraiser. Personally, not only do I like the taste of the meringue, but its much better for you (icing is about 200cals per cupcake, meringue is approx 50cals!) , and as it uses mainly only sugar and egg whites its a more cost efficient icing!

Meringue Icing Recipe - approx 18 cupcakes
2 egg whites
150g sugar
60ml golden syrup
pinch of salt

Mix egg whites, sugar, syrup and salt in a large bowl until combined. Put the bowl over simmering pan of water and whisk until the sugar dissolves and mixture is hot (this ipasturises the eggs). This takes about 3 minutes. You then take the bowl off the heat and using an electric whisk beat for about 7 minutes until you have stiff peaks and a cool mixture. If you want to add flavourings add them now (vanilla, etc). The icing is ready for using.

Buttercream Icing - appox 12 cupcakes
125g butter - room temp
250g icing sugar
a few tsp milk

Beat the butter and add the icing sugar gradually and beat until combined. Add milk 1 tsp at a time until the consistency you want.

Have a try at meringue icing, I know its a bit more involved to make, but its definately worth a try!


  1. Your cakes look amazing. I hope you managed to raise lots of money. My husband and I have just donated to comic relief and are now sat with a box of tissues in front of the tv appreciating how lucky we are.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Great looking cakes and the meringue icing looks very professional but bet they both taste yummy.

  3. What a fantastic day to celebrate! I wish the US had something like it where everyone would get involved. I just tried to make meringues last week and failed miserably, even though I followed the recipe to a T! Good for you! lol