Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Missed challenges and cake baking

Well the most annoying thing happened this week, our laptop charger exploded (and the explosion bit is no exhaggeration, we have a black mark on the socket to prove it!) and so we haven't been able to use the laptop. If that wasn't annoying enough I had made 3 cards last wednesday for 3 challenges...none of which I was able to post. Doh. Oh well, they were all cards that were needed for birthdays and special occassions, but I really wanted to enter them into the challenges (OLW, Less is More and Play Date Cafe).
Today at my little boys nursery they are having a bake sale to raise money for a little boy who needs cancer treatment, so I made a selection of cupcakes for them
A selection of cupcakes I made for Joeys nursery bake sale. Lemon, banana choc or double chocolate.yumyum.
The top ones are chocolate with chocolate buttercream and choc bits. The middle ones are lemon drizzle with lemon buttercream, and the bottom ones are banana spice muffins with chocolate buttercream.
Its great to do some baking now I'm feeling a little bit better, and I'm loving my new stand mixer which I got for our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago!
Photo: Trying to work out what the first thing I should make with my anniversary present!

Have you ever spent a long time making something for a challenge and then forgot/not been able to enter it?

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  1. Those cakes looks yummy Bee! Hope that little boy gets the treatment he needs.
    Thanks for your comment on my Artistic Stamper piece...good luck in the draw.
    Alison xx