Monday, 24 December 2012

Fantastic Ribbon DT Christmas Wrapping

This month we were asked to come up with a wrapping project using some lovely Fantastic Ribbons.
This year I have mainly wrapped my presents in parcel paper, for a lovely kraft look. This means that ribbons and special labels are what makes the gift look so special.
I decided to use a technique I have only ever used on cards before, which is the double sided ruffle!
You need one parcel to wrap, some double sided tape, some ribbon and a little patience. Measure out the length of ribbon you think you will need and add  about half the length again (to allow for the ruffles).
Attach a length of double sided tape down the middle of the parcel and then stick the middle of your ribbon down in the centre. Create ruffles going in both directions, and then wrap the ribbon simply around the back and up the sides. Tie a bow above the centre of the ruffles and voila! The wired ribbon makes this super easy to do and holds its shape really well. I used Arabesque Iris on this present.
Have a Fantastic Christmas!

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