Sunday, 23 June 2013

My little man is 1!

Where has the year gone?! I can't believe EJ turns 1 tomorrow. We had family round today for a little birthday tea and although initially I hadn't planned to make a cake I knew I had to!
Joey suggested Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we went to Disneyland Paris last week) but I settled on just Mickey Mouse. Not wanting to over complicate it I just made a white base and added red and yellow circles and a Mickey head. My piping is, as usual, not great, but I'm working on it!!! I even tried to do a Disney font!

Hopefully I'll post his Mickey card tomorrow, and some other fun things we did for his birthday!


  1. happy birthday!!! adorable cake! im sure disney was sooo much fun :)
    -Rachel w k

  2. done a great job with the cake. How was Disneyland Paris...I hope you all had a super time x

    1. Disney was fantastic, I may need to pick your brain about scrapbooking!