Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cbeebies Mr Tumble Card

Today is my little man's 4th birthday! Here is the card I made to send to the BBC for their Cbeebies channel.
Its done to look like Mr Tumbles spotty bag, and has images from Octonauts, Chuggington, Tree Fu Tom and Number Jacks on it.

There he is, under the 4!

Unfortunately they can't show every card that gets sent in, so its a bit hit and miss. Last years card was a miss, which when you've spent hours making it, and spent about £5 sending it comes as a bit of a blow (especially when you have a little one waiting expectantly by the television!). Here's hoping it gets shown!


  1. I remember these birthday shout outs well and Mr Tumble...i'm a terrible mum as i never submitted any cards. i hope yours is shown and your son has a super birthday x

  2. WOW - this is awesome!!!! Ted would have loved this (he's 4½) - and to get to see it on TV - WOW - I'm keeping my fingers crossed really hard for you and Josiah that it is shown!

    Hugs, Karin