Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lego Brick Wedding Cake

When one of my best friends asked me if I'd be able to help her with her wedding, I automatically thought she wanted me to make her wedding stationary. However, she had something else in mind - Cakes!
Having never made anything more than a birthday cake I was a little apprehensive, but am always up for a challenge. Part of the challenge also lay in making 2 wedding cakes (a brides and a grooms cake) and 120 cupcakes...oh and they only had to be taken 200 miles to the wedding!

Here is the Grooms cake, as per request I made a Lego Brick cake (It was vanilla sponge with buttercream and raspberry jam) and made fondant lego wedding figures of the bride and groom.

I piped the lego logo onto each brick top as each lego piece has.

To make the fondant figures I started with a lego ice cube tray and placed yellow fondant in the head and hand locations, and then either black or white fondant where the clothes would be. I put them in the freezer to make them easier to remove from the mold, as the fondant alone wouldn't have come out cleanly other wise. I made 8 different figure (4 of each) to have more choice of which ones turned out best. Once they had dried for a few days out on the side I added the features using a food colouring pen and the hair, tie and lapels and wedding dress using extra fondant. 
The cylinders on the top of the cake ended up being Oreos covered in icing, as my sponge circles cut from an extra cake I made crumbled into a thousand pieces when I tried to butter cream them!

I added Trex to my fondant to make it look nice and shiny like a plastic lego brick, I think you can see the shine on the picture above.

I hope you like my Lego wedding cake!

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  1. You are too clever. i can't believe you then had to transport the cakes 200 miles!! I would have been so worried.