Monday, 27 April 2015

Live Below the Line 2015 - Day 1

Welcome to my posts about Live Below the Line 2015.

This is our 3rd year taking part, and just to change it up a bit we've altered the menu that we had the last 2 years. I took the obligatory photo of all our food and set about planning a menu for the 5 days.

Mixed Veg 1kg 0.89
Quorn Pieces 1.48
Sausages x 20 0.99
Onions x8 0.59
Rice 1kg 0.40
Spaghetti 500g 0.20
Eggs x6 0.79
1.5kg flour 0.45
Custard Cream 0.26
Stock Cubes x 12 0.39
White Bread x 20 slices 0.55
Squash 0.42
Jam 0.29
Tinned potatoes 0.15
Mushrooms 500g 0.50
Passata 0.35
Chopped Tomatoes - 2 tins 0.68
Coco Rice 0.83
Teabags x 80 0.34
Ice cream 0.89
Bananasx4 0.39
Crisps x 12 0.66
Cheese slices 0.94
Milk 0.75
Bread 0.55
Total 14.73

After both Monkey and my husband decided last year to dismiss the smart price cornflakes we had to find a better alternative this year. Although not particularly cheap we settled on Asda smart price Cocoa rice, which I have to say got the thumbs up this morning. Last year we also didn't have tea or coffee, but after my husband had terrible headaches all week we decided caffeine had to be on the list this time, even if it had to be tea (my husband is a coffee drinker, but we couldn't afford a jar of coffee!)

Todays Menu looked like this:

Breakfast - Cocoa Rice, slice of toast with jam, cup of tea. 14p

Lunch - Vegetable soup, 2 slices of bread with 2 custard creams. 18p

Dinner - Quorn Curry with rice and homemade tortillas, icecream. 67p

Total 99p

I made homemade tortillas, which turned out a bit more crispy than normal tortillas, but everyone really enjoyed them!I made 16, we had 8 tonight and will have 8 with the left over curry on Wednesday, and they are just flour and water, super frugal. I'll hopefully have time to post the recipe for the curry tomorrow, because its really yummy!

To find out more about Live Below the line go have a look at the website.

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