Friday, 10 February 2017

Long time...

Wow, time really flies. I really can't believe its been almost two years since my last post! Rest assured I've not stopped crafting, but the time and inclination to blog just wasn't there. So what, may you ask, has changed?

Well for Christmas I got my first journalling bible, and I'm trying to do one page a week in it.
Here's the cover of my lovely Crossway journaling bible. Its a double column with 2" ruled margins.

Ultimately its to help encourage me to spend more time studying the bible, as following the birth of #3 I was just finding it really hard to find time. But then again, I managed to find time for Netflix and other stuff, I just wasn't prioritising my bible :( I'd begun to see Journaling bibles at 10ofthose and wondered what it was all about. A couple of friends had them and occasionally posted pictures of what they'd created. I quickly set up a Pinterest for inspiration and decided that this Christmas and Birthday would be all about the bible journaling! I ordered my gorgeous Bible and a few extra crafting bits (you can never have too many pens, right?!).
I'm studying Warren Weirsbe's Pause for Power in my quiet times

 and either choose a verse that has stood out to me, or one from our Sunday service, and since January have been setting aside Sunday evening to journal. I read lots of helpful blogs and youtube videos about getting started (you can see these on my Pinterest board) and the main thing I know I will battle against is not trying to make them perfect or let it be about showing off what I've done. I'm going to try and post a blog every week showing how I've created my pages. Journaling shouldn't be daunting, and don't be put off if you aren't artistic. I want to share some of the things I've learned (and I'm sure some disasters I'll have along the way!) and the way I approach journaling a verse or phrase. I hope you enjoy it and find inspiration. I may even get inspired to post some of the other projects I've done over the past 2 years!

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