Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Quilted Advent Calender Progress

Well today was the day when I was finally able to quilt my advent calender. Its been a long time coming. I actually bought the fabric for this project over 2 years ago, but never got round to doing it. I decided about two months ago that I was determined to get it made this year and cut out all the squares of fabric for the pockets. It then took me another month to get round to starting to hand stitch the pockets on, and now I'm at the stage of doing the quilting. I was a little apprehensive about this, as although I'm good at basic sewing (curtains, cushions etc) I had never done any quilting. The quilting part has gone reasonably well, as I just machine stitched around the main shapes. I'm now worrying about the finishing of the piece, as the quilting book I have from the library isn't that clear about the binding part. I think I may have to google that part or look on youtube for a video!
Anyway, here's a photo so you can see how its looking so far.
Each of the squares is a small pocket for advent gifts. Although the monkey is too young for chocolate in the advent calender this year we've been researching little trinkets to use for each day which tell the Christmas story. I found one set of items listed in Disciplines of a Godly Parent which starts at Creation and goes through to Christ, so I may use those.
Anyway, I'd better be off. Bye!

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