Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent..but no calender!

I'm so disappointed that I haven't been able to post the final advent calender photos yet, but alas, it is not yet finished. I was right on track for finishing it on the 30th Novemeber,but the binding was still causing me issues. It was the mitred corners really that were the problem. They looked fine on the front, but the back was a right mess. I think I hadnt attached the binding quite correctly, so ended up with too much binding over on the back. To try and balance this out I stitched one of the corners of the binding and cut it out (do NOT do this). This was a HUGE mistake, and now I've had to unpick about 8inches of binding, and will have to somehow insert a new section of binding. Thankfully the monkey doesn't understand advent yet, so if we start with the calender a few days late he won't notice. I've also found it difficult sorting out the dowel ends. No where close seems to stock them, and I'm not prepared to pay £4 postage on 80p worth of goods! For the moment the dowel will just have to be rough edged! I have seen some lovely shelf hangers though which would look lovely in a bedroom.
I really have caught the quilting bug!

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