Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Flannel Cupcake

Heres my first attempt at a cupcake gift. I wasn't sure whether to try socks, or flannels, but as a last minute decision to make them, I figured that flannels were easier.
I watched a video on youtube, and it was suprisingly easy to do. I downloaded a template for the cupcake case, not sure where from now, and then printed it on some Christmas 12x12 paper. I used my nestabilities labels 4 to cut out the label, and stamped a Christmas sentiment. It looked a little sparce on the top, so I cut some green felt into holly leaves - freehand! - and then made berries using a red pipe cleaner.
The cupcakes looked very cute, but to be honest, didn't hold together that well, maybe a pin in the side would have helped? I was also at a loss as to how to give them, to wrap or not to wrap??? I decided in the end to just give them as they were. Heres the template if you're interested.