Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bits and Pieces!

So its been about 2 weeks since I last posted, because I've been SUPER busy!!! I was so disappointed to have to miss the September Waltzingmouse blogwaltz, but due to the combination of a)not celebrating halloween, and b)not having the time to come up with an alternative, I just had to miss it. I'd done every one this year, and it was my aim to do them all, but alas, I won't now!
So last weekend I ran the Great North Run, the worlds Biggest Half marathon. After 7 months, 275miles and  over 45hours of training I felt ready. I had put myself forward following a 10km event in May which I found ok. Let me tell you, a half marathon is NOTHING like 10km! Its more than double, and so training really needed to kick up a notch. Also its a very hilly course, so I had to start doing hill training. I was feeling confident that I may actually be able to run the whole distance without stopping, although originally my target was to merely complete the course!!! The weather was almost perfect on the day with 80% of the time spent running it was raining. I was very pleased to finish in 2hours 17 minutes (I'd set myself a target of 2hrs 30mins) and even more pleased to have raised around £1500 for the Christie Cancer hospital. Before you even think it, I don't plan to do a marathon next, I don't have the time to train!
This weekend we went away as a family to North Wales, and it was the first time we've all been away as a family since my mum died, so it was a bit different, but we had a lovely time. Here's a picture of my monkey riding a mini tractor at The Green Valley Village.

Lastly, I couldn't post without a quick card, and I knocked this up quickly tonight. Part was already done and waiting in my card box, but I needed a birthday card for a friend for tomorrow, and I just haven't done any craft in weeks due to all my fundraising and training.
Its Waltzingmouse teeny trees stamps for the trees and bird, and the sentiment is Banana Frog. The background paper came free with a magazine last year, and I can't recall who its made by.


  1. Well done Bethan, I do admire you. I can't run for toffee, (always last at school sports days) and to raise such an amazing amount for the cancer hospital is exceptional. I'm sure your mum would have been so proud of you.

  2. Congrats to you for doing the Run! I don't think I could ever do one, but I really admire people who do.

    It's nice that you had some vacation time, and your little one is SO cute! Oh, and your purply pink card - so sweet!

  3. Your card is beautiful, I really really like the purple look, so unconventional and so beautiful!