Sunday, 4 September 2011

Paper roses

I have seen a few times recently people making their own rose embellishments and thought it was something I'd like to have a go at. As far as my 'style' goes, I'm not very flowery, so I haven't really had a need for any roses, but I'm planning to make a few thank you cards and thought they would work well. I started by drawing a circle on a piece of paper (I drew around a tape roll!) and then cut out. I then cut into the circle in a spiral pattern. I have drawn what it would look like, but I just do it free hand with my scissors. It doesn't have to be neat, it probably makes it a better if its a bit uneven!

You then start from the edge and roll in until you have rolled the whole thing, you loosen off the rose towards the end and then stick the whole thing onto the little circular tab you have left at the end.
I started off using some raffia effect paper, and when my hubby got home he said "did you use book paper for that?".
 Now he wears glasses, but I'm not sure why he thought it was book paper, but it did make me think what a good idea it was. So I made a few of those too! In fact, when you get started you can't stop! I have loads now!


  1. Love these!!! Great idea to use neutral colors, it doesn't make your roses look too "flowery" if it isn't your style! (not really mine either)

    -rachel w k