Monday, 24 October 2011

Double Rainbow!

Well today I experienced something amazing, not only did I see a whole rainbow, right across the sky, but there was also a second rainbow which went about 1/3 of the way across too. The main rainbow was SO vivid and amazing, and it made my day! Amazingly I was wearing my cute rainbow t shirt, which is covered in mini rainbows!Unfortunately we were on a train at the time and I couldn't take a photo.
 As I have said before I love rainbows, and I was going on and on about it to my 6th form students and they were telling me about a song called Double Rainbow, and one let me listen to it on their ipod! It is so funny, and puts across some of the emotions linked to seeing the double rainbow, as well as being really crazy and auto-tuned! If you want a look its on youtube (but be warned, the guy keeps saying 'Oh my God' and there is a bleeped out word at the end, so if that will offend you, maybe give it a miss).
So onto my card. After such an experience I was so inspired to do a rainbow card, and was reminded of one Kirsty Wiseman did recently for her QVC show. When I saw it I knew it just had to be CASE'd! You can see Kirsty's card here.
Here is my rainbow card
I started by using my nestabilities circle dies and cut out different rainbow coloured circles. Then I cut each in half, helping me make 2 separate rainbows.
It was my plan to ass the little sentiment circle on top of a rainbow colours scalloped circle, and this is what I made with my promarkers and little wreath die.
However, when I put it onto the card I felt there was a little too much rainbow going on (who would have thought it possible?!!!)
So instead I cut a scalloped orange piece and made it look like a sun. I had borrowed Kirsty's cloud punch a few weeks ago and cut myself loads of clouds, and so used one above my rainbow.
Finally I added some polka dot yellow ribbon and a sky blue paper background. I hope you like my homage to rainbows!
If you want to see a wonderful double rainbow image go to


  1. the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of this post was that youtube video. It is hilarious. The guy is on so many drugs it's amazing he's alive hahaha. Your card is so so lovely, great use of the nesties!

    -rachel w k

  2. What a darling card! Surely to brighten one's day! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  3. Hey there, can I have permission to link to your double rainbow picture in a blog post I am doing this weekend?

    It will be part of an analogy I am using between writing and rainbows (nothing offensive or controversial). I will credit the photo to you and link to this post.


    1. Andrew, the picture isn't my picture, so I can't give you permission to use it. You did highlight my oversight in not crediting the photographer though, and I have now edited this post to include the photographers details.
      He is called Dan Bush and has a website