Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy Birthday Penguin Cake!

So today is my lovely Hubbies 30th Birthday. Unfortunately he hasn't been very well, and we had to cancel his birthday takeaway and family coming round. I had already made his cake though, although we haven't had a chance to sing and put the candles on.

Following on from making Monkeys cake for his birthday (the badger cake can be seen here) I was really sad to cut up the top, and actually took off the badgers and kept them for a while. Afterwards I saw Ann Pickard on Create and Craft teaching people how to make sugarcraft models, and she suggested doing the main sugarcraft on a separate board to simply sit on top of the cake. So this is what I did! The ribbon around the top is to conceal the join, and I will be able to take off the penguins and keep them for our birthday party which is in a months time, but also to keep for as long as I have somewhere to put it!!
As I said before, I watched Ann Pickard on C&C, and these penguins are made to her instructions. I couldn't decide how to have them all on top, but eventually decided to sit some on little ice blocks, and to make a hole in the ice. Finally I thought it was missing something and made some little fish and a little fishing rod.


  1. What a totally amazing cake you've made! It's absolutely brilliant and your husband will love it. Your penguins are so cute and perfectly preportioned.

  2. It's fabulous! Love those little penguins. x

  3. i LOVE this so so much! The penguins look so great, your husband must love it. It will be quite a crowd pleaser at the party. hope he's feeling better soon and happy birthday to him!

  4. This is so cute! You did a great job making those little penguins. Sorry to hear your hubby was ill for his big day, tho.

    Merry Christmas!