Sunday, 18 December 2011

Painter and Decorator 60th Cake

Well today is my dads 60th birthday, and I couldn't let the occasion pass without making him a special cake.
 He's a painter and decorator by trade, but for the last 25 years has run his own wallpaper business, so when I saw Ann Pickard make a painter cake a few months ago on Create and Craft it stuck in my head. I only thought about making this cake a week ago though, and by then it was too late to order the book, so I just went from memory.
  I also wanted to incorporate the fact that my dad is a huge Burnley FC supporter, thus the scarf around the edge and paint colours.
 Although my dad loved the cake, his first comment was "you could have given me more hair!"
Here you see his little painters overalls.

The letters on the paint can and the numbers on the top were cut using some alphabet cookie cutters I've had for years.
Just like the penguin cake I made for my husband the top of the cake is completely separate, and can be removed, as we're saving them for our birthday party in January.
Hope you like it!

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  1. Oh you are clever. This is another amazing cake. It is so creative and the proportions of the figure are just right, not always easy to achieve. Had to laugh at your Dad's comment, he sounds just like mine. With your talent you should do this as a business.