Sunday, 19 May 2013

Exciting Times - Baptism cards

Yesterday was a really important day for our Church. Since it was formed last year this was our first baptism service, and so exciting to see 5 people publicly declare their faith. I made cards for everyone and designed  it to be cut on my Silhouette. I incorporated a cross, dove, Ichthus, waves and our church logo into  the design. 
There were 4 girls and one guy being baptised, so I did a turquoise card for the guy, and mainly pinks for the girls, but there was a mother and daughter being baptised, and I wanted them slightly different, so the purple one was for the mum.

Got to love my Silhouette!

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  1. The designs you can do with a Silhouette are amazing. this one is no exception. I love how the background colours make the words stand out.

    thank you for your kind words today. We are often in Wigan as MIL lives in Abram.....small world! x