Friday, 3 May 2013

Live Below the Line- Day 5

Todays Menu

Banana - 11p

Soup 13p
3 slices bread 8p
Crisps 6p

Spagetti Bolognese 50p
Bread Pudding 12p

Total 100p!

Bread Pudding Recipe - serves 4
3 slices bread                    7p
2x mini boxes of raisins     11p
1 egg                               17p
250ml milk                       10p
40g sugar                          3p
Total                                48p
Portion                             12p

1.Slice bread into triangles
2. Mix egg and milk with half the sugar.
3. Layer the bread into a shallow baking dish and pour over the liquid.
4. Scatter the raisins over the bread. Leave for 15 minutes for bread to soak up liquid
5. Spinkle remaining sugar and place in 180 oven for 30-35 mins

So here we are, at the end of the challenge!It's been 5 strange days, and I'm so looking forward to a cup of tea tomorrow morning! I'm also looking forward to a breakfast other than porridge, and to choose what I want to eat for lunch (although we still have a couple of portions of lentil soup in the fridge, and I can't let them go to waste!).
Choice has been one of the things I've found has been the biggest challenge to me this week, or lack thereof. I'm thankful that we've done this as a family, as buying for one on a £5 budget would have been even more limiting.
James has been really understanding as well. I've had numerous people say to me that they wouldn't have been able to get their other halves to take part, and the truth is I just told James we were taking part! He has a reputation for how much he likes food, so for him this has been a much bigger challenge. Tonight he's had his biggest challenge, one of his best friends from work was having a leaving do, and he had to go and sit with them and not eat, and also not have anything to drink other than water.

What have I learned this week?
1. I like water more than I realised.
2. Joey loves apples, he's asked for one every day.
3. I take for granted all the food we buy.
4. There are 1.4 billion people in the world who can't find even £1 a day for not only food, but all their essentials, and that''s not fair.

If you haven't yet sponsored us I'd really ask you to consider if you could just spare a couple of pounds to help Tearfund in their work to help those in extreme poverty.
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