Monday, 28 April 2014

Shopping Below the Line

So today I finished off the shopping for our 5 days living below the line.
Here is Monkey with our rations!

Here's what we got

Corn Flakes 46
Milk 85
Jam 29
Rice 40
Pasta 20
Frozen mince beef 140
Sweetcorn 35
Yellow split peas 70
squash drink 42
Mixed veg 89
Loaf of Bread x 2 94
Egg 100
Banana 46
Yogurt  x 8 66
Custard Creams 35
Crisps x 12 66
Stock cubes 20
Tin chickpeas 39
Chopped Toms x 3 93
1 kg onions 75
Butternut squash 89
Pancakes x 2 30
Total £13.49

Wow, you might think, we can spoil ourselves with £1.51! But we still have to count oil, garlic, spices, salt and pepper in, and sugar and lemon juice when we have pancakes, so that will take it up to about £14. The last £1 will be our emergency pound in case we need more milk, and I may even splash out on an orange or apple for James!
Tonight I've been making the lentil soup for the week, and have even convinced some of my colleagues to take part on Wednesday lunch, so will have more soup to make tomorrow night to feed another 12 people!
I'm off to eat a slice of my nieces birthday cake, and enjoy a brew, as it will be my last for 5 days! 


  1. going without a brew is going to be tough. Good luck x

  2. I know Louise, I will definitely be missing my brews! But, on a positive note I started having Decaf a little while back, so at least I shouldn't have any caffeine withdrawals!