Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day Two - Living Below the Line

A quick update for today.

Unfortunately Monkeys opinion of the cornflakes hadn't changed this morning, and so I offered him a yogurt for breakfast instead, which he enjoyed. Even though he had to have the same lunch as yesterday he didn't seem to mind, but I'm sure he'd grow tired very quickly of jam sandwiches every day!

This lunchtime I hosted a lovely Live Below the Line lunch at work, 14 of my colleagues enjoyed (they really did!) some lentil soup and donated £26 for Tearfund. I meant to take some photos, but I completely forgot! Today has been hard at work though because I really wanted a cup of tea, but had to cope with hot water instead.

Tonight I went for a run, and although I felt quite sluggish to start with (probably due to quite a low calorie day so far) I actually ran quite well. Last nights curry and rice must have made a good carb store.
I decided to go on to calculate my calorie intake for today. Unfortunately its well below the 2000 calories recommended, and even if I was on a diet, its only just enough to be acceptable, as below 1100 calories can put your body in fast mode, and muscle mass may start to break down.

Here's my breakdown for today

I'm not sure what I could do to possibly get it anywhere near 2000 calories on this budget, I think I probably had enough money left today to afford a few more custard creams, but that's not really healthy calories!

Tonight I boiled the rice for tomorrows fried rice for tea, as it cooks best when its been chilled first.I'm looking forward to some pancakes tomorrow night too, as it Monkey.

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