Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 4 - The end is near-ish

So we're now on day 4 of Living Below the Line.
Today I wasn't particularly hungry, thankfully, but I'm still missing my cup of tea!
This morning when having cuddles with Monkey he told me in a sad voice "I missed turkey meatballs yesterday for dinner at school.". I explained that they would be on the menu again soon, but he seemed so disappointed. After 3 days straight of jam sandwiches for lunch I thought perhaps he was tiring of the challenge. I asked him if he'd like school dinners today instead of his packed lunch, and he said he would. So today he got to have fish and chips for lunch!
I went shopping for the final few bits for the week this morning. I'd already counted the money we would need for our second loaf of the week, and we still had £1 left. Me and dear hubby talked through the options
a) buy some frivolous sweets/treats
b) buy some extra fruit and veg
c) buy something tasty to compliment what we already had

After much consideration, and in accordance with the 'rules' which say you have to buy things outright, it worked out that our main 3 realistic options were
a) a pack of 4 chocolate bars for £1 (crunchie/mars/snickers/kitkats etc)
b) a bag of funsize apples 89p
c) a pack of sausages 99p
Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bars (4x48g)
£1 Asda
Ashfield Farm Cumberland Sausages (8 per pack - 454g)
99p Aldi
Orchard Fresh Funsize Apples (9)
89p Aldi

Monkey, although he loves sweets, isn't a fan of chocolate, and to be fair, neither am I. So option 1 was off the table. The funsize apples were the healthy option, and had we bought them earlier in the week (to be honest I didn't realise you could get a bag of apples for 89p until today!) they would have been great, but with only 2 days to go I decided we would get the sausages ( which Monkey LOVES) and have sausage sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.

Whilst searching online, and canvassing my facebook friends for their opinions of what we should get with our £1 I made 2 startling discoveries.
1) is AMAZING and helps you find everything you need and compare the prices of the main supermarkets so easily
2) You can get 20 (yes 20!) frozen sausages for 99p from both Asda and Aldi

I think next year (ha ha, I'm already talking about next year! don't telly my dear hubby!) we'll base some meals around sausages, because Monkey does love them, and they do work out so cheap.

I also managed to concoct a lovely smoothie for Monkey when he got home from school using 1/2 of our last banana. Because Monkey hasn't been eating cornflakes we've ended up with some extra milk, so I thought I'd make good use of it.
It was basically 1/2 banana , 250ml milk and 1 tbsp fruit jam to sweeten, blitzed in a liquidiser. It was yummy, and quite healthy too!

So what was todays menu for me?

Breakfast - Banana and cornflakes 20p
Yummy fried rice!
Lunch - Leftover Fried Rice 23p
Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese  (Basic recipe here, but slightly tweaked) 47p
Snacks - Piece of toast, custard cream and pack of crisps 10p
Total £1.00

Please consider donating here, the target for this years Global Poverty Project is £1 million, and we're half way there. Anything you can give would be welcome.

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