Sunday, 8 January 2012

Party Party!

Well yesterday was my 30th Birthday party (my actual birthday was in December, but planning a party before Christmas is a nightmare!). My Honey was also 30 just before me, and my dad was 60 between our birthdays, so we had a joint party.
As no one felt able to make me a birthday cake for my birthday I decided to make myself one, and I have had my eye on some Beehive cakes I saw online, so this is what I was able to create.

Close up of a little bee, sprung on florists wire.

I can tell you that getting the icing onto the beehive shape is harder than it looks!!!My layers of beehive kept sliding out of places, and I had a struggle on my hands stopping the icing from creasing! But eventually I succeeded.

Not one to go with the normal buffet and disco, we hired a band and had a barn dance, which is maximum interaction for everyone!!!
Having chosen a nice top for the occasion I realised I needed some flat shoes to match which I could dance in, and nothing within my budget (cheap!) caught my eye, so I figured I would just customise some! I bought a pair of plain black ballet pumps and a necklace that was reduced in the sale. I chopped the necklace up and sewed them around the edge, and then in a kind of triangle at the front.

 Here's the finished pair. I felt like Dorothy with my magic slippers!

And finally here's an action shot of me and Honey dancing!


  1. Belated birthday wishes Bethan. Your customised shoes look fabulous, how very resourceful of you and well done on another AMAZING cake.

  2. Hope you had a good time - fabulous cake!

  3. I'm in awe, that cake! Wow!

    Happy belated birthday!