Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lovely cards I have received

As much as I like making cards, I also love receiving hand made cards, and there is something so special about knowing someone has put time and effort into a card for you.
I wanted to share some cards I have received recently, and I hope those who made them don't mind!

The first is a card made by my Sister in law Clare, she made this card for my 30th Birthday, and it is so lovely. She went to so much effort to make it into a bee theme, and even gave it ginger hair like me!

 This next card was another 30th birthday card, and again has a bee theme! This one was made by my lovely friend Kirsty. I love all the individual elements that just all work together so well, and the wire going off the edge of the card is genius!

Finally is a card I received today from one of my lovely followers Fiona who won some blog candy as part of my bloggiversary. There are so many lovely elements, and I love the stamped and punched butter fly at the centre, and I'm partial to a bit of stitching on the edges! 

I hope you like getting such personal cards, and its nice to share their creativity with others!


  1. I'm honoured, glad you liked it.

  2. great mail! I received your lovely package last week, thank you so much... i had almost forgotten about it! I did a post to thank everyone last week (a happy mail post) in case you missed it! thank you!!!

    -rachel w k