Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fascinating Fascinator

So last weekend was my mother in laws wedding, and I had a beautiful blue dress, and a lovely silver jacket, but was struggling to find a nice fascinator to wear. My friend lent me one on a comb, but my hair is so fine that I struggle to keep them in, and I decided the only thing to do was make my own. I googled fascinators and got some ideas, then consulted youtube for any tutorials I could find. The main problem I encountered was getting hold of the material most fascinators seem to be made from - Sinamay. Its like a natural fibre woven into fabric. Unfortunately in the time I had, and for the small amount I wanted to buy it made more sense to pick up a cheap fascinator and just customise it.
So here is my list of components
Silver voile fabric (just off the left of the page), a cheap silver fascinator (£4 from Claires' accessories), A silver alice band, silver ribbon, some feather features which I made following this tutorial on youtube (but eventually left out as I didn't like them) and some beaded wire pieces.
The beaded wire pieces are just 6mm silver plated wire, 3 of which were beaded with alternating blue and clear beads and a swarovski crystal on the end, and 5 smaller ones with just a couple of beads and a swarovski on the end.

I cut 9 pieces of the voile in rough circles about the size of a roll of sellotape, and scrunched them around the 5 smaller beaded wires which I had twisted together, building up a few circles at a time and stitching them in place. I then twisted in the 3 bigger beaded wires and shaped them. I stitched all this onto the original sinamay structure. I covered the alice band with double sided tape and then wrapped it in ribbon before attaching the fascinator.
Here you can see the voile section close up.

And here is a picture of me wearing it at the wedding!


  1. wow that's really clever and so pretty. Hope it was a lovely wedding x