Thursday, 28 February 2013

Be Less Miserable!

So me and some of my work friends went to see Les Miserables, and I wanted to make some little treat bags for everyone.
I have always thought Les Miserables sounded like less miserable since I was a kid, and thought I would do a play on words. I used some simple kraft luggage tags, cut these amazing mini eiffel towers on my silhoette and used some Fantastic Ribbons washi tape to add to the french theme, and then added some handwritten humour!
I used some envelope sleeves for the sweets, and did a little mix of haribo, malteasers and cadburys buttons!
Everyone thought they were really cute, and very tasty!


  1. What a lovely treat, and such a clever play on words. Hope you had a great time on your outing. I have never seen the movie OR the play...where have I been? LOL

  2. Oh what a fun idea and cute twist on the title! that sentiment would also work for a get well package LOL!!!

  3. Ooooh! These are adorable!!! :) I love packaging!!!!

  4. you made me smile - what a lovely idea and treat for everyone x beautifully packaged

  5. First what a sweet friend you are!!! So very very cute! Love the play on words!