Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Silhouette

So today is Valentines day. To be honest we don't celebrate it as a couple. Never have. We have our own 'special days' to remember, and I'm such a skin flint the idea of going to a restaurant, eating an over priced meal, and receiving flowers where the price has bee hiked up isn't romantic at all.

But I do think it's a great opportunity for singles to take the plunge and let someone know they may like them, and for new couples to be romantic!

I have been playing around with my new Silhouette Portrait and trying to create some of my own digital files, and decided to make a valentines inspired piece.

I was also asked by one of my closest friends to make her a card to give to her boyfriend for valentines, which is quite strange, as I normally only make cards for myself to give, but its lovely to know that she trusted me to make her a card!

 Designed by moi, cut on my silhouette.


  1. These are lovely designs. I think i might need a silhouette!! have a lovely weekend x

  2. FABULOUS designs - so cas and so cool!!!

  3. Ooh this is very cool - love the graphic love!

    Thanks so much for leaving some love on my blog today! I'm so happy you loved my card and took the time to say so!