Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Well today in the UK it is Mothers day, a day to treat your mum and let her know how special she is. I'm very blessed to be a mum myself and was treated to a lovely cooked breakfast, had my lunch cooked for me, and then dinner too - although my Honey takes credit for that, as Monkey isn't old enough to cook yet!. I also got an amazing homemade gift, which they made when I was away last weekend. I was so suprised, but its amazing!I'm going to put it up on my craft room wall, I'm so proud!
Its done with finger paint, and the pictures from left to right are:
Me and Monkey when he was 4 months old
Monkey when he was 12 months old
Monkey with my mum when he was 12 months.

Below is another picture of Monkey with my mum on the weekend of his 1st Birthday. This was taken a couple of months before she died from Cancer.
Today has been quite strange, as we would have always spent the day together on Mothers day. I also felt pretty guilty, as last year I didn't get round to making her a card, and bought one instead and she was really disappointed. I made one for her birthday a little later in the year which was really nice, but all this was before she was diagnosed. No one could have guessed she would be taken so quickly, just 2 months after being diagnosed. It really makes you think about the people you love, and making sure you let them know how loved and appreciated they are before its too late.
At least I know that we'll see each other again one day in Glory.

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  1. Hi Beth,
    What a fab picture frame and so lovely to have a photo of your Mum with your son.
    Mother's Day was also very poignant for me as my Mum has cancer too. You are right about telling your loved ones how much they mean and hope I did that today.