Sunday, 3 April 2011

School Bazaar Cakes!

Well yesterday - Saturday was our school fundraising bazaar. On friday I baked cakes to sell in the staffroom to raise money from the staff. It was a veritable feast, Parnsip and Maple syrup (the handsdown favourite), Coconut sponge, Cappucino loaf, Carrot and walnut,  and Cherry and Almond cake.
 Cappuccino Cake
Coconut sponge with jam and buttercream.
A couple of friends baked too, a lemon drizzle and a chocolate cake. We sold them for £1 a slice and made £99! Not bad!
Then yesterday we had a home made cakes stall at the actual bazaar for the parents and general public. I made my 'Best chocolate cupcakes ever' 
and also some lemon meringue cupcakes - Lemon sponge, lemon curd, then meringue icing on top!.
The meringue icing is amazing, so glossy and very scrummy, if you'd like the recipe its here. It pipes really well too. I had a little left over and used it on the chocolate ones which looked nice!
Here they are in my amazing new cupcake carrier which I bought from Costco on thursday. I saw it and it was like a Eureka moment, and I knew I had to have one! It is a cupcake tin on the bottom, the the double layer for displaying, and the lid for carrying.
Here it is with the top on.
It was quite a strange experience at the actual Bazaar - bizarre bazaar!- because other people had baked cupcakes and put loads of effort into the decoration - silver balls, sprinkles, edible glitter etc - but I'm a plain and simple girl, for me its all about taste! As a result no body wanted to buy mine!!!lol!!!
It was quite humbling actually, to go from almost cult baking status in the staffroom, to being a nobody and noone wanting to buy my cakes! Anyway, when all the pretty ones had gone mine finally sold!
I haven't heard the total raised yet, but its all good! 

 Hope I've inspired you to bake today!

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