Sunday, 5 February 2012

Teaching my little man to craft

So my Honey is away for the weekend and that means I have a little bit more freedom to leave the dining room table covered in craft stuff, and also to do whatever I want with monkey!
On Friday I had left lots of valentines craft stuff on the table, and monkey was pointing and saying he wanted a go. So I figured why not?! And passed him some ink and some stamps and some scrap paper. He had a whale of a time stamping, and I even got out some small stamps and he chose which ones he wanted, and then stamped them (dog, cow, sun and pirates!). He then spotted a flower punch and insisted on having a go on that too. He needed a little help to get it to punch fully, but he was able to do it!

So pleased to be able to teach him my favourite craft!

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  1. Start them early! Looks like he enjoyed himself,