Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My first friendly plastic project!!

So I have been meaning to buy some friendly plastic for ages after seeing it demonstrated on Create and Craft, and then at the NEC Hobbycraft event in November I finally decided to take the plunge. I know that its perfect for card making, and I do intend to make some card embellishments, but I wanted my first project to be more lasting.
 It was my Aunts birthday yesterday, and so I set about making her a brooch to wear. She has similar colouring to me (fair skin, red hair) and just like me wears lots of blues and greens, so those were the colours I choose. I stuck to a simple chequer pattern which you make by cutting small strips of your chosen colours, fusing together with heat, then when cool cutting through your new stripy pattern and create stripy strips which can make a chequer.
Here are all the things I used, 5 colours of complimenting friendly plastic, some Ranger Glossy Accents and a brooch frame which I picked up from a local bead shop.

Here's a close up of the chequer piece when fused. I made it just big enough so I could cut out the oval shape (it cuts really easily with scissors). I used glossy accents to stick it into the frame, then making sure it was completely flat on the table I flooded the design with glossy accents to seal it all in.
Here is the brooch with the flash off so you can see the colours, but its a little blurry! 

Here is the brooch in a jewellery box ready for wrapping.

And finally wrapped with some East India trading silver frayed ribbon and with a small label.

I was really, really pleased with how it looked, and my Aunt really liked it. I have also ordered some other lovely Jewellery backings and things from Rare Bird so I'm definitely going to be making some more soon!!


  1. How impressive! I love this brooch Beth, no wonder your aunt did too.

  2. It's really lovely! I have loads of friendly plastic that I've never used so if you want it just give me a shout. x

  3. Thanks so much for using AMACO's Friendly Plastic - I really like how this turned out!

  4. Wow - what a wonderful pin you created for your aunt! love the frame you had for it - and the wonderful colors of your plastic! I've got to look into this craft!!

  5. The brooch you made for your aunt is stunning! Those are my favourite colours, too. She's going to love it!

  6. Congratulations! You have an award on my blog x