Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fantastic Ribbons DT October Challenge- Sewing Project and Challenge

So for this months Fantastic Ribbon design team challenge we were asked to do a project with the theme of sewing. I thought about doing a card, and have been meaning to get my sewing machine out for a while and sew direct to card. In the end though I wanted to do something a little different, and have made myself a ribbon phone case.

So how do you make such a fantastic thing?!
Well you start by choosing a selection of lovely ribbons. You can choose any ribbons you like, but I chose all mine to be satin ribbon (I would have loved this in grosgrain, but didn't have enough variety to make a good case.) You can also choose any width you like, and the width of my ribbons varied alot.
You can also choose any combination of colours, but I LOVE rainbows, and was blessed yesterday to see a full rainbow! They cheer me up no matter what!

You will probably need a sewing machine, although if you have patience you could certainly have a go at hand stitching it! The ribbon lengths need to be about 15-20cm (depending on the width of your phone) but just wrap a piece around to gauge what you'll need. This means this project is perfect for scraps.

Starting with the first two pieces of ribbon, stitch together using chosen stitch. Using a variety of stitch styles gives a nice effect.

Try to choose stitch styles which give a good attachment though. Because the ribbon is sealed along the edges you can actually line the ribbons up side by side, without overlapping at all, and zigzag stitch them together which is very useful for narrower pieces of ribbon. 
  Add one ribbon at a time until you've finished.

You need to stitch enough ribbon to comfortably house your phone (I could have done with an extra piece of ribbon below the pink, but because I was sticking to rainbow colours I had to make do). 

Next you need to wrap the ribbons around the phone (right side in) and pin the ribbon. Remove the phone(!) and then stitch the side of the case with a straight stitch. Once you have done this you stitch the bottom of the case. You can now turn the case inside out and you will have a lovely case. I chose to add some extra ribbon and a button fastening to mine, but its up to you if you want to do that. I just hand stitched them on.
You could also use velcro/poppers to secure yours if you have those around!
If you wanted you could also line the case with various fabrics, but there's no real need.
You could also embellish the case to your hearts content, but I love mine how it is!

I hope you like this idea, and once you've tried this you could make a Kindle cover, Notebook cover etc, the world is your oyster! 
All ribbons used are available from Fantastic Ribbons!
Keep an eye on the Fantastic Ribbons blog for other fun ribbon sewing projects!

Challenge - So heres the challenge, can you make something crafty by sewing with ribbons? If so you could win yourself a stash of ribbon from the guys over at Fantastic ribbon! Just visit the blog and comment on the post to be in with a chance of winning!


  1. it's amazing Bethan....I might just have to have a go!! x

  2. Not only is this a fantastic idea, but it's a wonderfully creative way to use up all that ribbon I have lying around! Thanks for sharing this project with us!