Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Over the hill cake...and an upcoming project!

Here's a cake I have made this week for a friend at work who has just turned 50. He's a big walker, so this cake was ideal. The main base is a stack of 4x 8" cakes, and then a large and small cupcake are upside down on the top to form the hill. Its a vanilla cake with buttercream and jam.

Here's the main character, who is supposed to look like my friend Andy! (Although my character is a little bit chunky!)

Here's a little sheep, which I followed the fantastic advice of someone on youtube and used the thin end of a biro top to create the wooly texture, it worked brilliantly.
The grass is piped green buttercream (nozzle 233) and the path is demerera sugar.

My crafting has been a bit all over the show since Elijah was born for various reasons. The most recent being that we bought a lot of new storage, and so I've been rearranging all my craft stuff. So, instead of crafting I've been organising, but hopefully it will make my crafting tidier and also I will know exactly where everything is so I'll be quicker too!

Below is a picture of the main materials needed for a new craft I'm SO excited about having a try of. I've been getting bits and pieces in the post and finally the last piece of the puzzle as it were arrived today, so I will be having a go later on!!!! Watch this space!

Hope your day is filled with craft!

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  1. wow you are very talented...that is an amazing cake!! I'm intrigued with the jumper and zip tho'

    thank you for your lovely comment today x