Thursday, 20 January 2011

Paper stash!!!

So today I went to pick up some paper/card stock. In actual fact it is wallpaper, but its amazing quality paper! My parents wallpaper business has closed down the retail side, and so there are lots of old pattern books which were going to be thrown away, so I went and browsed for what would be good for making cards. There was SO much to choose from, the only limitation was the room I have to store it at home!
Heres a picture of what I brought home.
I also spotted these stampers. The large one has 3 letters and 3 numbers, eg ABC123. The smaller one is a date stamp. Not sure what I'll use them for yet (although small one will be good for birthday cards or weddings) but always good to have!

This shows the small pieces I cut, the're about A5 size.

Here are the 12"x12" size pieces. The back pieces are all beautiful angel hair, at the front there is some amazing suede paper (SO soft!), cork paper, and rattan paper.
Below are some beautiful 20"x20" patterns, metallic trees(left) and leaf outlines (right).

More 20"x20" pieces in a variety of patterns (stripes, herringbone, etc) and some plains.

I spent half the afternoon cutting out the paper that I wanted from the smaller pattern books, and left the biggest one intact, as I didn't have any storage to put the pieces if I'd have cut it up. I reckon theres about 70-80 large pieces (20" x 20") and around 100 about 12"x12" and about 300 A5 pieces. Can't wait to use some of these beautiful papers!

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