Sunday, 30 January 2011

Home Bargains bargains!

Home Bargains (also called Quality Save in some places) is always worth a look in terms of craft stuff. Sometimes theres nothing, and other times there's loads! Today I picked up a few things worth mentioning.
First are these stickers. Each pack was 69p and is actually 3 packs in one: 6 toppers/embellishments, 20 holographic stickers and then 60 more basic stickers. The toppers are really nice quality for cards.
I got 5 packs(left to right): Jungle, Beach, School, Farm and Dinosaur. My favourite was jungle, and I would have bought more of that, but it was the only set they only had 1 pack of!

Next are some stamps. These were in the childrens craft aisle too, but I bought them because I don't really have any stamps, for making childrens cards. Plus they were only 59p a pack.

I thought it was worth giving them a try, and I was suprised at the quality of the image they stamped! Especially the fairy ones.
Here's a quick lesson in inks though! The ink they supply with the stamps was AWFUL. I appreciate that it's for kids, and that it needs to be washable, but seriously, if I'd have stamped with it I wouldn't bother stamping again.
Here's a photo comparing the ink they supplied, alongside my basic black Ink It Up! ink.

They're really not doing justice to their stamps, which in my opinion are really quite good. Let me know what you think!

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