Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Have a Jurassic Birthday!

You know that feeling when you have an idea, make something and its just "wow!". Yeah, that!
I LOVE this card. I don't care if anyone else likes it (apart from the person its intended for!!) because it is absolutely what its meant to be!
When I was making a card a couple of weeks ago I was flipping through some rub ons and showing my hubby, and as I flicked past some dinosaur ones he said "oh, that would be perfect for my sister!". You see she's a HUGE Jurassic Park fan. I wouldn't even like to hesitate a guess as to how many times she's seen it. But it got me thinking. How could I make her a Jurassic Park card?
I set to googling it, and decided to use my new favourite thing, my Silhouette Portrait!
I decided to make a funny version of the logo and use a cute dino instead of the scary one! I also decided to change the name to the Happy Birthday sentiment.

I tried to find the font, and online it was suggested that African was the closest. I used www.dafont.com to download the font for free.
I also printed a sentiment inside the card using the African font. I never use inserts, but on a black card you don't really have an option!

I hope you like my card, I do, and I'm loving my Silhouette more and more!!

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