Thursday, 4 April 2013

Homemade Cardboard box Pirate Ship

My son loves Pirates. His favourite film is Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists (think in America it was Pirates and a Band of Misfits) and he loves getting dressed up as a pirate in his Disney costume. For a while I've been promising him we would make a pirate ship for him to play with, and although he requested one he could plan IN, I managed to find a reasonably large box to construct with.
We gathered together all the cardboard we could: wrapping paper tubes, chocolate boxes etc.
I googled pirate ships and asked him which one we should try and make, and this was the one he chose.
We printed it off as a guide!

Joey isn't normally one for sitting down and colouring in, but he likes painting things!

And here is the finished pirate ship with Joey dressed in his pirate outfit!

I used brown poster paint mixed with PVA glue for the ship and some gold paint for the details.
I asked Joey what he wanted to name his ship....Pirate Captain! I tried to convince him another name might be better, but he was adamant!

I used some kids foam for the skull and cross bones (or as Joey calls it, the scallywag!) and I have a cuttlebug die for cutting out the skull (Joey helped crank the handle!).
I used about half a roll of masking tape to make the boat the shape it is!
Hope you like it, and are inspired to make something from Cardboard!


  1. He will get hours of fun with his new ship! Brilliant idea and you both done a great job making it x

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