Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Living Below the Line - Day 2

Day 2
James didn't start the day great as he didn't get up with enough time to make his breakfast. Thankfully Joey was excited to have 'jammy porridge' again this morning. I'm not sure how excited he would be if he had to have this EVERY morning though.
Joey got a treat for his lunch today, eggy bread. I couldn't afford it for me, but he had money to cover the cost of an egg, and he loved it. Me and James stuck to lentil soup, and I have the second batch on the go at the moment for the next few days lunches. I'm fortunate that I like soup, because I imagine for some having soup every day wouldn't be that inspiring!
Tonight we had the rest of the butternut squash curry and rice, which Joey enjoyed again. We're also fortunate that we don't have sweet toothes, and never normally have a pudding, because I would struggle to have fitted that in the budget. Tomorrow though I've snuck in a pudding that I know James and Joey will love - Pancakes!

Tonight is a training night for my upcoming 10k, so I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling. Having said that, our menu is carbs, carbs, carbs, so in theory I should have been ok! In fact it was fine, I actually felt really good (although it could have been due to the fact that there wasn't much wind tonight for once).

We also had our Bible study house group tonight, and made sure everyone entered into the spirit of the challenge by only drinking water, compared to the usual teas, coffees and cakes we'd usually have! Hopefully we might be able to get some more sponsorship when people see how hard James is finding it (he has somewhat of a reputation for eating!). He also made it seem like I'm forcing him to do it...which I am!

I must admit when you can't have something you want it more, and tea is calling out to me from the kitchen :(

But at least I know that on Saturday I can eat and drink whatever I want, something that people living the line don't have to look forward to.

Here is the recipe for the delicious curry, which I make regularly even when not doing this challenge!

Butternut Squash Curry Recipe - serves 5
1 Large butternut squash                   89p
1x 400g tin chickpeas                       39p
1 x 500g passata                               29p
1 red onion                                       10p
2 x chicken stock cubes                       3p
1 heaped tbsp curry powder                10p
Total                                                180p
Portion                                                36p

1. Peel and chop red onion. Dry fry for 2-3 minutes.
2. Peel, deseed and chop butternut squash, add to pan and continue to fry for further 2-3 minutes.
3. Add passata and curry powder to pan with the 2 stock cubes, made up to 450ml with boiling water.
4. Bring to boil and cook for 10 minutes.
5. Add chickpeas and simmer for 20-25 minutes until squash is cooked.

Todays costs

50g Porridge with Jam- 11p

Lentil soup 13p
2 slices Bread 5p

Crisps 6p
2 custard creams 2p
Banana 11p

120g Rice 5p
Butternut squash curry 36p
1/2 naan 9p

Total 98p

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  1. such interesting posts, and commend you on taking on the challenge. it is such an eye opener
    -Rachel w k