Sunday, 28 April 2013

Preparing to Live Below the Line

Tomorrow is the start of our 5 days Living Below the Line. 5 days where we will live on only £1 worth of food each. This weekend we have been clearing out the fridge of any fresh things that we're not allowed during the week (either they aren't in budget, or not on my shopping list of meals we can afford to cook) and are now ready to start the week!
I have just made the lentil soup we'll be having for the next couple of days. I chose not to make it all in one go as this was the first time I'd tried this recipe, and wanted the opportunity to tweak it if necessary. I have to say its yummy! I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow.
Here's our shopping for the week. (and a cheeky monkey snuck in the photo!)

As you can see there is an awful lot of Smartprice stuff. I have to say I have no issue with buying smartprice/Tesco value things normally. For basic ingredients I think there's little difference in quality really, and if you can cook you can make something nice anyway. I did feel quite strange filling my trolley with almost all smartprice things. But as I looked around at others shopping I noticed a few people in the same boat as me, and yet I don't think they were doing this. I think that's the way they have to shop. One thing I take for granted is my choice. I choose to buy which brands I want, and have the choice of Smartprice if I want, or I can have the supermarket brand, or even a named brand. This week I didn't have that luxury.

Here's a list of our purchases and total cost.
Quantity Food Shop Price
6 Onions Aldi 69
6 large Eggs Aldi 100
1kg Porridge Asda 75
2l Milk Asda 100
2 loaves Bread Asda 100
454g Jam Asda 29
5 Bananas Asda 62
12 packs Crisp Asda 66
1kg Rice Asda 40
3 Naan Asda 54
4 Yogurts Asda 33
3x500g Passata Asda 87
500g Yellow Split peas Asda 58
30 Biscuits Asda 31
450ml Ketchup Asda 28
1 pack Pancake batter Asda 7
400g Tinned sweetcorn             Asda 32
1kg Mixed Veg Asda 75
250g Pasta Asda 19
500g Mince Asda 155
14 packs Raisins  Quality Save 79
400g Chickpeas Quality Save 39
2 packs Stock Cubes Tesco 30
1 Butternut squash Aldi 89
Total 1457

As you can see most shopping is from Asda, and interestingly I price checked most stuff that Aldi do with Asda and they're the same for things like pasta, rice, passata etc. Fresh veg is definitely cheaper at Aldi though, but not bananas (think most supermarkets do them as a loss leader). The only thing I bought from tesco were stock cubes (Asda and Aldi don't do basic stock cubes) and the cheapest place, by far, to get chickpeas was Quality save/Home bargains. They were only 39p compared to Asda 64p. We have 43p left  in theory, but I'm using some curry powder and spices in the curry and some garlic in spag bol, so will need to account for that too.
I'm going to miss my cups of tea, but can't afford another carton of milk!
If you'd like to sponsor us then you can do it on the Live Below the Line website here.
We're supporting Tearfund.

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