Monday, 15 April 2013

Wedding A4 Papercut

Have you ever made something and you just can't seem to get it right (a card, scrapbook page, item of clothing, cake)? Well this project had that kind of feeling. Everytime I thought I was just finishing it...something happened.

It all started when I decided that instead of just making a personalised card for a couple of friends getting married I would go the whole hog and make their present too. About a week before the wedding my plans were hampered by my silhouette portrait conking out (a problem with the power cable, Graphtec did a great job of sorting me out a new one, and some Online Silhouette vouchers for my troubles!) and so I wasn't able to get it done in time for the wedding, but undeterred I continued!
So I created the design and cut it...but I wasn't sure if I wanted it white or I cut both. White with a kraft paper behind was my decision, so next I decided to distress it...until my husband came over and said "you've got fingerprints on it" and I said "thats the inking"...."oh". Unsurprisingly I thought I'd better start again...but I'd run out of kraft card, so after cutting it (again) I had to stick my (un-inked!)cut onto some kraft wrapping paper which I'd attached to some plain card to give it a bit of body.
Unfortunately the following day I noticed the whole thing had crinkled because the kraft paper wasn't substantial enough. cry.
So I set about cutting it a 4th time (thank goodness I didn't hand cut it!), and still not having any kraft card I improvised again with a cardboard box. Then I couldn't decided whether to attach it directly to the card, or raise it up on foam pads for dimension.
Top Row:
Left: Design cut from kraft paper. Middle: The remnants on the carrier sheet waiting to be removed. Right: 3rd attempt on kraft paper which crinkled.
Left: The distressed 1st attempt. Right: FINAL 4th attempt!

I actually HATE being a perfectionist sometimes, I really need to be able to accept things that aren't perfect...but this wasn't just a nice card, this was a framed gift, and perfection was what I was aiming for.

FINALLY, I had a cut I was happy with, mounted in a way which showed off the cut.

And I'm sooooo pleased I can just give it to the happy couple and not think about it anymore. Plus I don't have to clear all the waste of my carrier sheet for a 5th time!!
Have you ever had a never ending project?!!


  1. Wow...what a fantastic creation. So sorry to hear about the troubles you had with your silhouette. But it looks like everything turned out wonderful in the end. Great creativity my friend.

  2. This looks beautiful!!!! With problems that difficult I usually just give up! You rocked this

  3. it was well worth keeping with it - it is beautiful and i'm sure the happy couple this so too x

  4. What a fabulous creation!!
    I know it may have seemed like it would never come together and you would just be done...
    but all your effort is well worth it and I'm sure the happy new couple will treasure your hard work always!!

  5. My, don't we suffer for our art? I'm so glad you didn't give up on this - the end result is *fabulous* and so worth all that effort!! Beautiful gift, one that I bet will be treasured forever!!

  6. WOW. YOu did this with a Silhouette? I don't own one, and am in awe of what it's capable of. This is such a wonderful keepsake for your friends!