Monday, 29 April 2013

Living Below the Line Day 1

Today is day 1 of 5 Living Below the Line.

Todays costs

50g Porridge with Jam- 11p

Lentil soup 13p
2 slices Bread 5p

Crisps 6p
2 custard creams 2p

120g Rice 5p
Butternut squash curry 36p
1/2 naan 9p (I bought these a few weeks ago and froze them when they were reduced)

Total 87p

Lentil Soup - Serves 4

200g yellow split peas                                     23p

200g Asda Smartprice frozen mixed veg           15p
3 Tesco value chicken stock cubes                    5p  
1 red onion                                                    10p
Total                                                             53p
1 Portion                                                       13p

1.Rinse split peas under cold running water until it runs clear.
2.Finely chop onion and dry fry for 2 minutes.
3.Add frozen mixed veg and fry for further 2 minutes.
4.Add 1.5litres boiling water to stock cubes and add to vegetables in pan and add split peas.
5. Boil rapidly for 10 minutes, then simmer for further 30 minutes until split peas start to break down.
6. Eat and enjoy!

The lentil soup is really nice and when padded out with 2 piece of toast (no butter!) really filling. I haven't felt hungry today, but I have had to stop myself from reaching for stuff thats around the house!

Monkey has been harder than I thought he would be to please. For lunch he didn't want soup, instead he wanted a cheese sandwich, his staple lunch, but I had to explain we had no cheese (we definitely couldn't afford that!), then he asked for ham, another no-no. Eventually I tempted him with a jam sandwich, something in budget, and also in the house! Thankfully I know he loves curry, so tonight he told me how delicious dinner was! The Butternut squash curry recipe will be in tomorrows post.

Day 1 has gone ok, but I really wanted a cup of tea mid afternoon, and settled for a cup of hot water instead.
Think tomorrow is going to be harder than today!

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  1. You have made me stop and think. I think i'd struggle to go without a cuppa though. I do like the look of your soup that i might have to try making x